Product Development

There are good products and there are great products. Usually, the difference is in the User Experience (front end) and the ruggedness of the product to handle all situations it is designed for (backend).

At MTW we understand the importance of designing a clean, minimalist and easy to use front end that will generate a seamless UI/UX that will aid in increasing the value of the product exponentially. The architecture of the application is as important and we design it such that it is responsive, light and fast across devices – both web and mobile.

Our solutions span progressive web and mobile application-based products, for both consumer and enterprise solutions. Our focus is to be Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the technologies we operate in, which are listed below

  • MEAN (MongoDB, Express Js, Angular Js, Node Js)
  • MERN (MongoDB, Express Js, React Js, Node Js)
  • Python, Django and React Native

Cloud Services

Modular, scalable, no infrastructure requirement – why wouldn’t you want to go the cloud route. We have the skill set and are community leaders in the small and mid-sized cloud migration and managed services space

Migration Services

We have a wealth of expertise in setting up environments designed for Cloud and help you migrate your existing managed solution or datacentre to AWS, Azure or Digital Ocean

Managed Services

If you are growing rapidly and don’t want the hassle of managing your cloud server environment, we can help you run your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean or Heroku environment 24×7 including maintenance, backup and optimization

Tech Accelerator

At MTW Labs we run a tech accelerator program where we partner with non tech entrepreneurs to bring their product to market, leaving the founder and his / her team to concentrate on their core strengths.

Apart from product development, we offer insights into design, strategy, mentoring and connecting with angel investors. We also have partnership programs with strategic product offerings that startups require and offer them for free / discounted prices for anyone that gets through into the program. Our partnerships include

  • AWS and Digital Ocean for cloud services
  • Citrus Pay for payment gateway
  • Sendgrid for email services
  • Freshdesk for CRM
  • Exotel for virtual telephony

Training Programs

With our penchant to share knowledge, we have started training programs to enable clients and students with better tech skills to take on and address new age tech requirements.

We have developed a focused, intensive, adaptable and relevant curriculum in Full Stack Javascript and use trainers with expertise in real world product development to impart this knowledge base

  •  Code Camp
  •  Boot Camp
  •  Corporate Training
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